"Hold my fucking hand, loser. We’re using the buddy system for the rest of our lives."

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ghost & i have decided that when someone comes out & says they’re demisexual they’re just really attracted to demi moore



she is my fitness goal & motivation


demisexual is an orientation a 15 yr old made up for her character in a role play forum who has expressed regret & embarrassment at bringing outside of the forum in early 2000

it is something that can be said of a lot of people & brings pretty much no shame, discrimination or anything for. neither does heterosexuality, but the difference between demisexuality & lgbtqa is that it’s a matter of attraction/sexual activity vs orientation/sexual identity

it’s practiced by pretty much ‘everyone’, implied in almost every tv show, that you only have sex with someone you have a strong emotional connection to & or love [coincidently media also likes to shame casual sex at the same time]

plenty of people of all race, gender, orientation & age, wait to have sex until they feel closer or in love with their sexual partner

it doesn’t need a name

it’s a thin veil of shame against casual sex/slut shaming

asexuality is a real thing

demisexuality is not

this says it perfectly http://community.sparknotes.com/2014/01/10/auntie-sparknotes-is-everyone-demisexual

lady just asked if i was in high school
*internally screaming* yeah
pretty late hours for you to be working
*refrains from saying i haven’t been in school for almost two years* it’s okay
well good luck to you!
you too


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Parker Fitzgerald, Overgrowth

I love originality. I love irony and unpredictable juxtapositions of textures, patterns and colors. I love seeing something and thinking that it’s something I’ve never seen before.

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